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Correct cable for best speed & internet service

When we refurbished our flat, our builder installed (embedded cable in walls and ceiling) the wrong cable which has compromised our speed and service. The Virgin engineer said we need a coaxial cable. Unfortunately, where the cable enters our flat, the cable cant be run along our kitchen cabinetry. The Engineer left us the cable to do this and he was unable to install through walls/in ceiling. This was early 2019 but we weren't able to sort this for health reasons. But now working from home, we need this sorted. We have found someone to help up but I want to be sure that we have the correct cable. Is this the best and most up to date cable? 

The code on the coaxial cable is: CAT5 2019-19146 TFC CC 2/AL 153901 M CPR/CE Euroclassification ECa ?

Apologies if this isn't technical but its all I have to go on. I don't want to make another expensive error. Thank you in anticipation of your guidance.

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Re: Correct cable for best speed & internet service

EDIT - Sorry I may have misread the post - is this ethernet cable or the VM white co-ax cable? If its white co-ax buried in the wall VM simply wont use it if it was installed by a 3d party - or is it what was left by the VM tech?

Not if its Cat5 ethernet cable that is rather old and not recommended for above 100mbps (though it may work).

Cat5e is the minimum you should use - Cat6 and Cat7 are also available with updated specs/features like better shielding from cross-talk or electrical interference and some go to 10Gbps speeds!


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