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Constantly slow single file speeds.

I’m trying to understand why my virgin connection is so slow for certain things, especially when compared to my vdsl connection.

I have 2 internet connections coming into the house. 1 is the virgin media 100mb connection my parents pay for and the other is my own vdsl plusnet connection.

They are both on the same network so it’s easy to switch between them which i have been doing a lot while trying to improve my virgin speeds.

The basic issue seems to be that the speed is there on the virgin line and can reach the 100mb speed the line is meant to have but not under ‘normal’ conditions. What I mean by normal conditions is if i go to a website and try to download a file. Say the latest live install iso of ubuntu...

Now if i download the file on my plusnet connection i download @ 9MB/s. If however i then switch to my virgin connection i can get anything between 800KB/s to 2MB/s.

Now to prove the modem has the speed there available to download at a faster rate, if i go to an ftp server and download a single file it gives the same behaviour of downloading a single file way below the speed at what i should be downloading. However if start to transfer multiple files at the same time from the ftp server i can download each individual file at say 2MB/s which eventually caps out the 100mbps connection and forces me to download at the right 10-11MB/s speeds my line should be capable of doing.

The same is true of which shows me as having a maxed out fast connection, just not for downloading anything it seems.

So the problem to me seems to be there is something going on with single file transfer speeds. My question then is why is this happening and can I fix it somehow?

I’ve tried putting my router into modem mode, I’ve disabling things like QoS and UPNP but nothing seems to make a difference.

Just to be clear as well, I’ve not just talking about 1 particular server I’m talking about EVERYTHING. Compared to my plusnet connection which always downloads a single file at max speed no matter what server its connecting too my virgin media connection constantly seems gimped every time i try and download something.

Any help appreciated.

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Re: Constantly slow single file speeds.

A well known issue that probably effects more users than they realize.

I have had this problem for ages but now it comes and goes but still no fault ticket.

Can you do a speedtest from thinkbroadband or any other that allows you to test single and mutlithread speeds. Don't use as this hides the issue.

You may have an other issue so it's worth doing those.


You can't fix this yourself as the issue is at Virgins end although they are loath to admit it.

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