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Constant speed dropouts

I've had intermittent speed drops/cutouts the whole day yesterday (even last Saturday), couldn't bare the sudden buffering of videos, long reloads of web pages, disconnects from online games I play so decided to use 5G data instead... Speed was not the problem. When it was working speed was as normal but every 30 seconds or so, connection would sudden drop then come back again. Have done numerous speed tests, one tests shows a good 200mb DL, 20mb upload then another goes from aforementioned numbers down to a measly 5mb DL 0.1 upload. I've also restarted the HUB, resetted it using pinhole, turned it off for at least 10 minutes to no avail. During the day, I also did checked area status on virgin media website and of the 6 checkups, 1 of them said something is being affected in your area whilst the rest said internet was in good standing.

I wake up 5am this morning to see if it had been fixed and on virgin media area check up said broadband issue but will be fixed by 6am. It's 10am now and the site says no issues but I am still having the same issues I was having yesterday and other days! 

What gives?

Area reference code: 21

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