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Constant slow speeds

Tuning in

Hi all, are there any issues in the BD2 area recently?

over the past few weeks my M500 is only running at around 40mb. I have contacted support through WhatsApp and they have performed some resets and sent some unknown signals to the hub which helped for a few days but I’m back to 30/40 mb today.

I have also reset my hub and tightened all connections but this has not improved things.

any ideas?


Tuning in


And the router has just decided to reboot for the second time today. This is becoming a weekly problem now. Not happy

Hey holdski, thanks for your posts on our help forum.

We're sorry to hear of the issue you're facing with your service and speeds lately, how have things gone since you last posted here ab out this on Monday?
Have you managed to get in touch with our faults department again to check this out and get some technical help so far?

Please. let us know where you are with this and we're happy to best help in case you need us to.

Forum Team

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