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Constant internet stroke and priority settings

Hi, I'm currently using the virgin steve modem with 50m bandwidth, and I kept receiving internet strokes on my laptop. When it happens my WIFI would just suddenly drop to 0kb Upload/download speed and continue like this for up to five minutes, then back to normal, and once again periodically. The strokes happened so randomly that sometimes I could get no strokes for one night and 5 strokes for the other. This is especially frustrating when I'm playing competitive video games since sudden strokes like this literally make them unplayable.

Also, I noticed that for the most of the times when my laptop receives a stroke, other devices connected to my home Wifi such as my phone and the TV works just fine (albeit also having a relatively low Up/download speed). My WIFI usually only have a maximum of 3 to 4 devices connected during these strokes and some of them, such as my own phone, was not being used at all. I suspected the reason of these strokes being the low priority of my laptop, but when I researched online I didn't manage to find any possible way to change my laptop's priority. I did however found something called a QoS in the router settings but the steve's setting page didn't seem to have something like this. I also tried to switch my laptop's ip address with other devices in my home (Since the last digit number of my laptop's ip address was the highest among all the others), but apparently that didn't work for some reason. I might also be doing it wrong.

Sorry if my language is not rigorous or I missed some important information, I don't have much knowledge about all these technicial stuff. Can someone please help me resolve these internet strokes and possibly guide me to set my laptop's priority? Thank you so much!

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Re: Constant internet stroke and priority settings

Hi wjzjd,

This community is for Virgin Media UK,  and there isn't a Virgin Steve modem in this country.

I believe you need the Canadian website 

If you click on the link under Steve modem on that page it will open a new page where you can click on the Virtual Repair Tool.

This will take you Trouble Shooting your internet 


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