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Connection dropping out & lagging audio calls whilst WFH


Not sure if this is just a classic case of area congestion, but recently I've been experiencing what appears to be a loss of service for 30-60 seconds. The hub3 itself doesn't appear to drop connection (the status lights remain the same) but my PC, which is wired directly into the hub via a cat5e cable, will lose connection to everything for that short period of time. This is happening quite frequently, almost once or twice per hour these last few days. I started running a BQM yesterday, which can be found below. The monitor appeared to work straight away and throughout the night, until this morning (the red wall), and wouldn't start working again until the "firewall protection" setting on the hub3 was disabled.

Link to BQM:

I shall post the router status info also.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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