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Can a moderator check my broadband after new install

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on Saturday had 1 gig Virgin broadband installed. The engineer tested the existed cable from the street to see if it was working and active. Indeed it was but he said there seemed to be some interference on it. Suggesting a new 1 should be run from the street. He still hooked me up but said to contact him Tuesday to advise how things were going and also prompt him to arrange a new line be run. Of course I contacted him over text but am being ignored. I’m not sure if things are ok or not which is why I’d like a moderator to check things. Download and upload are generally ok. However in speed tests I noticed the ping / latency is generally around (idle) 15-20 ms with a little bit of jitter. Maybe I am wrong but I expected better off a full fibre connection. My previous (much slower) bt connection which was only FTTP managed below 10 ms. On upload things even worse. Every speed tester tool I use seems to have an initial burst of upload speed at the expected/or close to 52 mbits but the needle always drops mid test to around 15 before recovering sufficiently to finish the test close to the 50 mark. Weird behaviour. The upload ping can be as low as 15 during the test but go as high as 500-1000 before finishing around 20/30. Is that what they call a large amount of jitter? I use (ookla) app for my testing although it is a consistent behaviour on other speedtest sites. Occasionally the detailed speedtest result will report a tiny amount of packet loss. Not all the time but when it does it’s generally 0.5 to 1%. Is that normal? I would just like a moderator to look at this if possible and see if a new line does indeed need to be run. Maybe this is symbolic of congestion although it tends to behave same way at all times (inc early hours).




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Usual request, please post the power levels, Pre and PostRS errors and network log from the Hub. Also setup a BQM to monitor your circuit

Once done we can comment.

Also, try checking with Area faults on 0800 561 0061 or if you have a VM landline 150 as small local faults are not listed on the VM status page.

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Thank you. I am trying to work out the BQM thing. I set something up (I think) but looks like I need to wait a day before I get something that can be posted perhaps. Forgive the overlaps but here are screenshots from the Hub 5 (which is running in modem mode) of those figuresrouter stats 1.jpgrouter stats 2.jpgrouter stats 3.jpgrouter stats 4.jpgrouter stats 5.pngrouter stats 6.jpg

Must be doing something wrong with that BQM graph. I just see 100% red every single hour on it. Clearly that is not happening. Do the router stats I posted look normal? Unfortunately doesn’t mean a great deal to me

Nothing wrong with your network stats, in fact better than a lot of people get.

If Hub is in Modem Mode, for BQM to work, you probably need to allow ping responses on whatever router you have connected behind the Hub.


Ah thank you. I won’t worry about the BQM then unless things get drastically bad. I just wondered about the stats looking ok (especially after the engineer saying he picked up interference). Subsequent performance seems ok though. My actual router I really like but it can’t handle full gigabit throughput on the wan. Get 400-500 mbits at best. Not that I am too worried as I love the upload speeds and even then it’s many magnitudes better than my old BT. Eventually I will make the upgrade to  newer one. I was just seeing regular on app idle latency 15-20 ms which is a bit worse than my previous BT. Very occasional packet loss which may of been there on the past but cannot be sure. Generally when it happens it’s 0.5-1%. Then the upload part of the test always starting strong 40+ then mid test always plummeting to 15-20 before recovering to finish strong at around 52. Made me all wonder if my line have an issue causing these small things. But maybe it’s kind of normal. If the stats look good I will roll with it for now. Especially as real world performance seems pretty decent 

Latency will rise when doing speedtests, especially via web browser.   It's due to the way the test works !!     

Try the speedtest app instead.  There's versions for Mac, Windows, Linux & smartphones.


@pete_at_home wrote:

Latency will rise when doing speedtests, especially via web browser.   It's due to the way the test works !!     


Its not due to the way the test works its hubs rate limiting that buffers the connection due to not doing QoS/BWM.