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Buffering On Videos

Why am I experiencing problems when watching online videos. My connection is "M200 Fibre Broadband" & use a wired connection  between my PC's & my Superhub 2. Whenever I try to watch an videos online using the Virgin TV To Go App, other online videos, occasionally Youtube and the worst culprit of all BBC iPlayer I experience severe buffering to the point where iPlayer videos are as good as unwatchable, luckily I have browser addons that allow me to download a video so I can watch it using VLC Player. The iPlayer problem is exactly the same when I access it on my TIVO 6 Box. I have 3 desktop PC's all connected via ethernet, running Windows XP Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate & my main PC running Windows 10 Home & experience the problem on all of them. I have tried everything I can think of to resolve the issue to no avail but seeing as the problem also occurs on my TIVO 6 Box I assume the problem lies either in a problem with the apps or a problem with the connection I recieve or with the equipment supplied to me. Strangely when I use the Virgin TV App or iPlayer on my Mobile Phone either via mobile data or connecting via WIFI I don't get any problem at all even when connecting to a slow, poor quality connection public WIFI. Just before writing this post I checked my speed using "" which gave me the following results :-

PING - 8ms

Download - 186.93Mbps

Upload - 20.33Mbps

Any suggestions as to what the problem is & how I can fix it?

Thanks in advance of any reply

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Re: Buffering On Videos

Hi,private message me your account number and site I’d,I’ll take a look at your router,

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