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I have been trying to get my second V6 box working with WiFi in another room in my house without an ethernet connection. The WiFi, advertised as 100mbs varies from 9mbs to a maximum of 40mbs in every room and hence the telly wont work properly. After three hours on the telephone to India and Scotland I was promised a wifi booster kit and a hub upgrade.

I have now received two parcels - one containing an adaptor to plug into the V6 box for my laptop, which I don't need, and the other, an identical Hub 3 to the one that already produces crap WiFi output.

I have used the Virgin Connect app to scan my home and the only room which provides a usable wifi signal is the one containing the hub.

Will now have to fork out for a mesh booster kit. Any suggestions as to which one will work best with the Virgin router would be appreciated.

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Re: Broadband

You have several options that should work depending on your budget. I just hapenned to have a couple of wifi extenders (Apple Airport Expresses) available to me and I have them connected on wifi to my Airport extreme router and the wifi output in the remote locations is excellent and supports my 2 wifi V6's and all other wifi kit in those rooms.

So you could try something similar as they are relatively cheap - but sometimes not so cheerful 🙂

Or powerline adapters are another option - providing the the electrical circuits that the Hub and the V6's are on are actually "connected". In pactice that means going through the same consumer unit or fuse box. They connect to the V6 via short ethernet cables rather than wifi - there will be speed drops but it may not matter. My lad gets ~60mbps out of his pair and that is from our 200mbps connection - but its way more than he needs for his gaming and streaming HD videos which need ~5mbps (4K Would need~25 mbps)

The other option is a wireless access point close to to problem areas wired back to the Hub on an ethernet cable.

Or a Mesh system for whole house coverage.

Its hard to recommend which is best for you particular circumstances


I do not work for VM. My services: HD TV on VIP (+ Sky Sports & Movies & BT sport), x3 V6 boxes (1 wired 2 WiFi,) SH2 in modem mode with Airport Extreme Router +2 Airport Express's. On VIVID200, Talk Anytime Phone, x2 Mobile SIM only iPhones.
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Re: Broadband

Hi @Mervynhancock


Thanks for posting this on here and sorry to hear you got sent the wrong equipmnent, I can appreciate this is not ideal. 


However from taking a look at your account I can see that you have actually spoken to our team recently to get this sorted for you. 


Can I just confirm is everything all sorted now or do you still need our assistance today? I'm more than happy to help if so just let me know 🙂 


Sasha - Forum Team

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