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Broadband unusable since Jan 19th 2020



Customer number: 723026401

I have had extremely slow speed (completely unusable) since the 19th Jan and it is ongoing. I have spoken to many people on the phone and also spoken to the team on twitter.

I have been told there is nothing you can do and I need to wait either until people go back to school or work (post lockdown) as you have network capacity problems in my area and NO plans to install more capacity.

I have also been told it appears there are problems specifically on my line too however some of the calls I have had have resulted in an engineer being booked, but then that appointment has always been cancelled by yourselves the day before the engineer is due to arrive.

The speed is unsuable, specifically upload where I am averaging 0.01M up (tested on speedtest regularily directly connected to the router with only 1 device connected).

This situation is forcing me to have to consider working from an alternative location, which is not great as this puts me in a position of having to risk transmission when we should be in lockdown. Coupled with this it is making online learning for my two children almost impossible as we are all tethering off our mobile devices for all usage.

I would request you resolve this with urgency, and that I am compensated for the loss of service until it is resolved. The service level since 19th Jan is below the minimal service which means I should be due £8 per days since then in compensation.



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