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Broadband speed issues

Hi guys, 

I have just set virgin broadband up. The previous owner of my flat looks to have had an extension installed from the phone socket to where the tv sits presumably to Hook up the tv box to the internet. 

Now, this extension has 2 cables, I’m guessing one for the router and one for the tv. My first question is, does it matter which cable I plug in to the router? I have plugged the router in and it’s working and giving me a connection. 

However I have run multiple speed tests and am getting speeds of between 4-29 mbps when I should be getting up to 108 mbps. I guess that if it was the wrong cable I connected that there would be no connect, but why am I getting such a slow internet speed?



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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Broadband speed issues

What do you get on the other cable ? How are you testing the speed - wifi or wire ? On what device?

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Re: Broadband speed issues

Can you be more specific about these cables? Are they both coax cables or ethernet. Is there a splitter box and if so where. Where is the Hub located in relation to the cables? 

A diagram would be helpful  

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Re: Broadband speed issues

Hi Jark91,

If you could answer both Jbrennand and Jpeg1s questions it would really help with diagnostics.

I've just tried to check your connection from here but couldn't locate your account. I've sent you a private message requesting some information.


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