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Broadband signal after 11.00pm

Good morning.

Does anyone have the same problem as me. After approximately 11.00pm my broadband signal diminishes considerably. I find that I cannot listen to BBC i player radio, or watch i player TV.

I tend to do this up stairs in the evening. The signal strenght fluctuates from poor to zero. I have used, Laptop, Tablet, Phone. All are the same.

Howevr, come 07.00am and the signal is strong and with out fluctuations in strength. I wonder if this is a Virgin policy?.


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Re: Broadband signal after 11.00pm

Hi Mike541

I'm sorry to hear this. Everything looks healthy when checking your hub/network segment from this end which is great. Are you still experiencing these problems? If so does it happen over Ethernet connection?

There are many things that can interfere with a wireless connection so I've included some info here about changing the wireless channel which could help.
Speak soon,

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