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Broadband issues

Joining in

Been having intermittent issues with broadband lately, been sent a new hub 4 today. I have set it up and connected everything, ran 3 speed tests and I get upload speeds of 70mb 170mb  260mb but my upload speeds are 0.04 0.08 0.14 pretty rubbish. I tried to do hub tests via virgin but it just says there are problems doing the test. Any ideas??




Check for a local fault affecting your street via 0800 561 0061.

Just rang and says no faults 

Up to speed

Start by making an official complaint. Virgin won't look into this properly until it gets escalated to an Ombudsman complaint so you should get started with the complaint process early.

Fill in the complaints webform here:
Keep a log of every communication with Virgin in a word document, because they won't make it easy for you to keep records. Include a screenshot of the original complaint.

Make an OfCom complaint too while you're at it (this is separate to the ombudsman complaint you'll eventually escalate to when Virgin fail to fix the issue).

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @Houseofzane

Thank you for your post, I am sorry you have been having some problems with your service, I have done some checks and can see you have some issues with your downstream that would require a tech, I can get this booked for you, I will pop you over a PM, please keep an eye out for the little envelope 👀📩