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Broadband boost

Dialled in

Hi All,

I am currently getting 500mb as i am with 02, so using the boost.

I have still as yet got the free boost upgrade and reset the router a few times with no update? Should i be getting a faster speed by now, because i have been on this now for months and like i mentioned still no upgrade?

Any advice pleas on this?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @valleyboy22 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome back to the forums, it's great to have you here. 

I am so sorry that you have faced this issue regarding your speeds, can I just double check have you confirmed what your speeds should be with the boost via your contract on your My Virgin Media profile?

Can I also ask how you are checking the speeds? Is this a wired or WiFi speed test?

Dialled in


Originaly I'm on 350 but with o2 bolt it's 500. I thought virgin was boosting everyone free of charge, so will I get the boost?

Hi @valleyboy22 

Thanks for coming back to the thread, do you mean the Volt speed boost or the Upload speed boost please? 

If Volt, it sounds like you've been boosted already from the 350 to 500mb.

If it's the Upload speed boost, you'll be boosted to upto 52mbps. 

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Yeah you are correct, but I thought it was a download free boost upgrade not upload boost. 

Thanks for coming back to us valleyboy22, we have recently upgraded all of our customers upload speeds free of charge, this is totally separate from the free download speed boost you get, when signing up for a Volt package with us.

Kind Regards,