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Broadband Speed

Tuning in

Just upgraded to Volt M600 Broadband and am only getting download speeds of between 125-150 Mbps.

I have the virgin hub 3.0 in modem mode which is connected to my firewall, and is connected at 1Gbps. This connects into my switch at 1Gbps, and my PC is connected to the switch at 1Gbps.  All this is structed network and not over Wifi.  I use Virgin Media's speed checker (and also the Unifi one) and they all come back in and around 125-150 Mbps, which is less than half of the minimum guaranteed download speed.

I contacted Tech Support the other day about the issue and they didn’t really help - to be honest I think the guy I spoke to was uncomfortable because I took him away from his 'script' and I don’t think he fundamentally understood.  Anyway they monitored my connection for 24 hours and reported that all was good.  What they monitored is anyone's guess.

Next I raised a complaint and I have just received their reply. It is basically a standard e mail, amongst other things advising me to restart the modem, use ethernet wires instead of Wifi and limit the number of devices on the Wifi.  All this is pretty useless, and not really applicable to my setup.   

Has anyone experienced similar or have had an issue like this fixed?  I don't really have the time or more importantly the patience to speak to another call handler, reading a script in a call centre.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Check the conf settings on the Hub. It will show what speed has been provisioned.
It's Configuration tab - Primary Downstream Service Flow - Max Traffic Rate.

Also what does show?  Run the full tests and post the results.

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Tuning in

Thanks for your reply.

I cant seem to get to SamKnows as "RealSpeed is not availible on this network".




The realspeed site only works in router mode since it tests the speeds directly to the HUB over the VM network.

Tuning in


I contacted Virgin Media Tech support yesterday and they ran some diagnostics, but they couldn’t really tell me a lot because the Hub was in modem mode.  During the phone call the call handler got me to switch the hub into router mode, so that they could conduct their diagnostics again, and they couldn’t see a fault.   While they were on the phone I connected directly to the hub while it was in router mode and ran a speed test, and got the speeds I expected.  This was a really success and proved that my speed issue was my side.

I am running a Unifi Network with the VM hub connected directly into a Unifi USG 3P, which goes into a Unifi 24 port switch.  My Wifi AP’s run off the switch and I also have a CloudKey connected.

After my call with VM I went onto the Unifi community pages and searched up ‘USG speed throttling’ and from what I read, all of the posts advise to activate the all of the ‘Hardware Offload functions’.  Last night when I checked I couldn’t activate Hardware Offload (the option was greyed out) but this morning I tried again and I was able to activate all of the offload options and I am pleased to report that my download speed remains really good and as expected.

Just wondered if anyone else has experienced similar and whether there are any other settings I should be adjusting on my Unifi network to optimise it further? 


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey, p45_uk.
Thanks for all the posts and replies here and for joining our help forums, a warm welcome to the VM community. 🙂

Delighted to see our very insightful members have beaten us to it and provided some useful advice regarding your recent speed related issues above.

Also, we're happy to hear that you've had some help from our tech team over a call which helped get to the source of this and resolve it.

As VM staff we'd not be too suitable to best support with your 3rd party equipment in this case, however we'd be eager to assist with any issues you may experience with your services or account in the future.
Best regards,

Forum Team

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