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Broadband Speed

To add to everyone's problems

M200 download less than 5 mbps has been yesterday and today, upload less.

Phone services/email customer services non-existent. regardless of what you want.

Virgin media customer service is usually confrontational and pretty useless, to be honest, I have stayed with them as the broadband has the highest download speed by far in my area, well it did have. 

Absolutely rubbish now.

Any suggestions on getting a response from them ?



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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Broadband Speed

Not calling people confrontational and useless is a good start 🙂

What are the issues?

Can you post some logs from the hub?

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I do not work for Virgin Media - all opinions expressed are of my own and all answers are provided from my own and past experiences.
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Re: Broadband Speed

If you want to contact them - a VM tech ought to pick this up on here soon - or call in as below.
If you want technical help on this help forum - you will need to post up more specific detail - like what Hub is it, is it disconnecting, how are you testing speeds - wifi or wired, what on/how, etc.

Call in -- 08.00 sharp is the best time. People are still reporting getting through ok. Go to “Retentions” on 150 or 0345 454 1111 - options 1-1-4-4- "Thinking of leaving" when you have the best chance of getting through to the only still open (UK) call centre.


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