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BroadBand Speed Really Really Slow - 15MB/s should be 200MB/s

Is anyone else suffering with massive reductions in Broadband Download Speed. I'm only seeing 10% of what I'm used to. 

Obviously I understand that the usage has increased due to Covid, but we shouldn't have such a reduction when VirginMedia public said that they have plenty of capacity.

I'm also having to work for home and regularly transfer large design files around and it's proving to be impossible at the moment. Video conferencing is also proving to be difficult without sounding like a DALEK!!.

Come on Virgin Media, I've been with you for over 15 years and always raved about the Speed and performance. However, I'm feeling a little let down with the service. 5 hours I waited for someone to chat back at me when I tried to obtain help. I gave up in the end as it's impossible to obtain advice using that method.

If I'm only getting 10% of the service then surely we deserve an explanation or refund. We all understand the difficult times, but those luckily enough to be working from home still need to deliver 100% to their employers not 10%.

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Re: BroadBand Speed Really Really Slow - 15MB/s should be 200MB/s

Hello, if you can send me a private message with your account number and are code/postcode and i will look into this for you

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