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I have had lots of wifi problems and broadband problems and since having to work from home, it has become a real issue. Speed issues, un reliable connections, drop outs when on Zoom etc and have had no help from anyone at Virgin. i don't have any steels or solid walls in the (small) house between the Hub and where i use devices, nor do i have any other obstructions. I have moved the Hub to my downstairs hallway when working and to reach a room upstairs with no obstructions and over 14 meters, my wifi drops to around 8MB to 18MB download speeds. Downstairs and over 8 meters with no obstructions, it drops to 20Mb to 26MB download speed. Even next to the Hub, i am only getting wifi download speeds of circa 40MB. the download speed should be 100MB.

i have the latest Hub (3.0). i've had an engineer come out who fixed something but no improvement to speeds. 

The only time i did manage to ring and speak to anyone at Virgin, they told me to use an Extender. They also told me they could not tell me what my package i was paying for and i need to login on line to find out. But my password doesn't work and i cannot re set it. The reset askes all the same questions but when i finish and hit enter it goes back to the first page and starts again - with no error message or incorrect information message. I'm stuck in a loop.

I bought an Extender and now know this was incorrect advice. so resorted to buying an 15 meter Ethernet cable which runs down the stars and have to disconnect and remove when not working.

Today whilst plugged into the Hub i was only getting 46.57MB uploads and 9.65MB download speed. my download speed when plugged is is usually around 9.6mb which seems really low.

Does Virgin have really weak transmitters in their Hubs so cannot push wifi further that a nats whisker? is there a solution to this appart form change provider?

Is there any way of actually speaking to someone at Virgin to either re set my password or tell me what package im paying for? If so, is there a phone number i could ring which would answer quicker than my beard grows? even better, is there anyone at Virgin who can explain why their Hub can transmit a signal a few feet?

i understand there are two settings, one is a strong signal over short distances, the other weaker over long distance. I seem to have both problems.

Any help greatly appreciated


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Broad

You can get your own router and put the hub into modem mode.

Or run a mesh system.

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Re: Broad

Thank you for your post Simon36 and welcome to our community.


I can see that there is a known area fault that may be affecting your service which is relating to high utilisation. I'll include the information we have on this currently below.

Reference: F008100327

Estimated repair date: 16 JUN 2020 09:00


You may be able to find updates on this on our service status page however, if this isn't affecting a wide area it may not show here but you can quote the above reference to any of our agents for an update. 


Thank you, Emily.

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