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Hello  I pay for vivid 360 and feel like im being ripped off.   when it was installed it hit about 100 and I was told it would get faster.   it hasn't its at around 50 .   anyone know why its so slow.   all our systems run on wifi.   I have abooster in my study which was an old garage and its at 50.   upstairs my lad uses xbox online and im sick of hearing him moan that the internet keeps freezing.


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Boradband

Wireless speeds depend on a multitude of external factors like Range, Client Hardware, The Number of connected devices, The Topography of your home and the big speed killer Interference from neighbouring wireless networks and domestic appliances especially on the narrow 2.4Ghz band.

You pay for the bandwidth delivered to the Hub and you need to test that by connecting directly to the hub with a Cat 5e Ethernet cable or better with a device equipped with a gigabit Ethernet network card.

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Re: Boradband

Hi Jets999,

Thanks for getting in touch. I am sorry to see you have had trouble with your connection.


I have taken a look and things seem to be ok from this side. It may help to try the following so we can rule some things out:

Pop the hub into Modem Mode with the computer in Safe Mode with Networking at different times of the day.

Try on separate devices.

Check Ethernet cable. Make sure it is new / up to date. (Cat 5e or above).

Make sure device is capable of agreed speed.

Check wireless card slide.

Take care.


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