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BQM Dropped packet for 3 days

I've had issues all week trying to work from home. The BQM has showed a permanent dropped packet red box since 2am on the 25th until 2am today. Still major issues today but of course, according to Virgin, everything is working normally.

Diagnostics on the hub came back with an error stating that various devices connected to the hub have low signal strength. I find that difficult to believe when the same devices can connect to the neighbour's hub and I'm getting better service by tethering to my mobile on the Tesco network.

I complained to Virgin back in November. They took several weeks to respond and their response was someone in a call centre ringing me to put me through to "tech support" where I waited for 40 mins on the line until they disconnected me. Ahhh, angry rant I know but with everyone working from home it's about time they were forced to sort things out.

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Re: BQM Dropped packet for 3 days

Could you share a live link of your BQM please.

If I've helped please let me know 🙂 Matt

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