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Area 30 upload speed

Tuning in

Could you let me know when Area 30 (LE5) will receive the promised 104mbps upload speed.


I had an email on the 1st June saying my M500 was being boosted from 36-52 but I then had a VOLT upgrade to the 1gig service. Although download speed has increased my upload is still 52mps even though my account say 104mbps

My router is in modem only mode (but has been checked in router mode too), its a wired connection.

The router is a hub 5 but says it is DOCSIS 3.1






I've rebooted the router several times since the 1st June but its made no difference





Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @Gizmo149 👋 Welcome back to our forum and thanks for your post 😊

Thanks for raising your concerns with us regarding your upload speeds, we're still rolling out the new upload speeds to Hubs , not all are able to receive that due to the equipment capacities in your area. We are working on getting those who do not yet have the new upload speeds resolved, unfortunately we do not have a timescale for this in your area, but you will receive correspondence when we shall be working in our area to implement this.

You can find more information on this here and here.



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thanks for the update. It would be helpful though if VM only told us we can get an upgrade when they are actually available. I was told I could get this speed from June!  Will I actually be told when the update is complete or will I just have to keep rebooting my router randomly?

Hi Gizmo149,

I completely appreciate that, it's something we can certainly feedback for improvement.

Yes, you should receive another notification when your speed boost is available and ready 😊


Fibre optic

I am in LE3, rebooted my hub5 yesterday (got no email) and the 100mbit upload is there, so try one more reboot, as you might have it now.

Thanks, just tried but its made no difference, I'd guess you are connected to the Oswin Road Exchange whereas I would be Northfields 😞

@Gizmo149 wrote:

Thanks, just tried but its made no difference, I'd guess you are connected to the Oswin Road Exchange whereas I would be Northfields 😞

No idea on my headend sorry, and sad to read it didn't work, but it seems they are at least making progress so hopefully they get to you sooner rather than later.

I was in a similar situation - was told I could get 100mbs up in LE6 and was sold on that as I need infrequent but heavy uploads for work so it's a big time saver. 

I've been watching the forums and this thread to see updates, and I have tried rebooting the Hub 5 once a week or so just in case, but after checking this thread again today, I gave it a reboot and lo and behold, I got the updated config to the router with 100 up now. 

I still get reported as 1000x50 on Samknows but it's showing 107 up now and I've tested on other benchmarks to confirm - so yes it does look like they are making progress in the LE areas so hopefully just around the corner for others too