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Area 26 - Ping times are erratic (already had a VM engineer onsite - two weeks ago)


Anybody else in Area 26 having internet speed and reliability issues?

About two months ago internet access was really average, pages wouldn'd load, Netflix was showing the "spinney wheel of death". I thought it was a minor speed bump, so I left it to see if it would resolve itself. After two weeks it didn't, so after a few calls to VM Support, an engineer came to site, checked the power levels, replaced a few cables, and reset the Hub 3.0. I'm on the 350Mbps package.

My Hub is in modem mode, EVERYTHING is turned off, it's doing the least amount of work possible.

The engineer suggested that the modem hadn't taken the most recent firmware, so it got reset, a couple of reboots, and for maybe a few weeks, maybe, surfing was ok. I'm Cisco certified btw, been working on wired, wireless, cable modem, xDSL and optical networking kit for over twenty years.

Here's the firmware and hardware view of my modem listed in it's web UI: DOCSIS 3.0 / Hardware version : 10 / Software version : 9.1.1811.401

But now a couple of weeks later, surfing worse than ever, but i don't think it's network saturation (due to greater network load) as it's been behaving like this since before the lockdown. It is possible that it's gotten EVEN worse since lock, yes that is possible. Though at peak times like Christmas and UK summer time and holidays etc it's been fine, fast as heck.

So I decided to have a look using my Macbook and a wired network connection (to eliminate wireless from the equation). In parallel I'm running a ping to the LAN interface of my router, the WAN interface of my router (because my Hub 3.0 is in modem mode), a traceroute to the next hop after whatever my modem sees beyond the DOCSIS CMTS, a ping to and a ping to

The pings to the LAN of my router are great, sub 1ms. That suggests that my LAN is OK as is any cabling.

The pings to the WAN of my router are great, sub 1ms. That suggests that my router is ok as is the cable between it and the Hub 3.0.

The pings to everything else, are so unpredictable, 20ms is OK, not brilliant, but OK-normal. But pings of anything more than 30ms are bad, pings of 500ms are a sure sign that something is badly badly wrong.

That tells me that something between the WAN of my router (a Netgate SG3100 firewall)  and the internet is not happy. And because I'm doing a ping to two different sites (one of which is Google) plus a traceroute to the next-next hop in Virgin Media's DOCSIS pipeline and they all go through the roof simultaneously whilst the pings to my router/firewall are rock steady, I'm starting to wonder is the Hub 3.0 at fault.

I know that the VM Support Call Centres are closed, hence I expect that there's no mission of getting talking to someone, or getting a new modem dispatch or provisioned.


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