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Anyone else had the 1gig Upload Speed boost yet?

Joining in

Saw a few posts on here and the VM Community page saying they were receiving boosted upload speeds on 1gig, later confirmed by Community Staff that they are implementing upload speed boosts but have no set plan in place for it. So I'm just wondering if they're still rolling it out...slowly lol.


Tuning in

I'm having a similar issue - I upgraded to Gig1 entirely for the 100 Mbps upload, they put it in my contract that the upload speed is up to 104 Mbps, but they provisioned my modem for 52 Mbps max upload.

Customer service says speeds aren't guaranteed, but they didn't seem to understand that there's a major difference between "not guaranteeing" a speed and provisioning the modem to cap the maximum upload at half of the advertised maximum.


The move to 10:1 for M500 & Gig1 is a work in progress for 2023.  i.e. to the end of the year.

The reason for seeing Gig1 provisioned at US 52Mb/s is the infrastructure in your streets does not have the ability to operate at 104Mb/s.