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Amazon and Netflix - Too much buffering

Our Amazon fire stick and Netflix account keep buffering loads during programmes. It is particularly bad in the evening. Speed test gives us over 100mb/s, sometimes closer to 200 so internet speed is there. 

This only happens on our TV’s. (1 right next to our router and the other in nearby room). Our iPad from the same room is faultless. 

any help appreciated 

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Amazon and Netflix - Too much buffering

Just a few things that can affect Wi-Fi in the average home …

Blockage (visible) …

Mirrors, furniture, fish tanks, people, radiators, walls, flooring / ceilings.

Interference (invisible) …

Cordless phones, baby monitors, microwave ovens, fridges & freezers, TVs, next doors Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi equipment, DAB transmitters, the list is endless.

My VM Hub 3 Wi-Fi went into meltdown when the local authority / police CCTV camera on the lamppost adjacent to my house was used.

Many people have accepted that the VM Wi-Fi is poor and have purchased third party equipment that is much, much more powerful than the VM supplied kit and once set up have wondered why they waited for so long.

BT Smart Hub 2 with 70Mbs Download,18Mbs Upload, 9.17ms Latency & 0.35ms Jitter.
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