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Almost 0 upload speeds - no solutions from chat/phone

Joining in

Hi I am experiencing very low and occaisioal 0 speed uploads since last two days, making broadband unusable - so am having to use cell phone as tether to a travel router.

Here are my speed test results - very typical - sometime the upload test just crashes out.  Was told that the issue was that I was using modem mode.  SpreedTest.jpg

Let me explain that I am an seasoned IT security, infrastructure and network professional with extensive experience of networking and knew that was nonesense - also once my personal home router was connected to by phone via the travel router the speed tests were faster (40 down 20 up - not bad for 4G!) which proves the slowness is nothing to do with my home router..  Anyway just to prove it I have reverted to standard router mode - causing a rew hours of messing around with my internal network devices and the problem is EXACTLY the same - as any sane person would expect.  Note to virgin please provide a list of things NOT to say to your techies.

Anyway here are my Router status logs - please can someone review and confirm whether an engineer is needed and get one out to me ASAP?

Cable Modem Status.jpgConfiguration.jpgDownstream 1.jpgDownstream 2.jpgUpstream 1.jpgUpstream 2.jpg

Also here are some Network Logs in case those are any use.

Network Log 1.jpgNetwork Log 2.jpgNetwork Log 3.jpgNetwork Log 4.jpg

You can see I have done some reboots but something is clearly up.  I'm running out of data allowance so please respond quickly.

Thanks in advance.


Joining in

So on our local Facebook group we have at least 9 people with the same issue who were told by phone, internet check and chat there were no issues at first, then one or two got information about there being a problem and that it might be fixed by 7th December, but most of us spent 48 hours with no actual status information from Virgin staff or systems.

What I just don't understand is why Virgin cannot provide accurate information about their network to people.  Today I had the web check saying no issue, then I rang 150 and was told by automated message there was a known issue in my postcode on the phone, given a link to click to report more detail - which went back to the same web checker saying no issue, then when I clicked still having issues it said - issue being fixed check back later - but no option to actually report what I was experiencing.

How can this be so poor - there has to be a better way in this age with a million network monitoring tools on the market and agile cloud development platforms to write realtime software systems into for VM to keep track of faults and inform customers.  Right now it seems to be back up but 150 says still a problem.  I do get that the network is fundamentally made up of bits of analogue cable that it hard to monitor in realtime - but it has to be possible to do the reporting better.

I have provisionally accepted very competetive offer from Vodafone with CityFibre - it is really quite tempting to move - despite the disruption it will cause due to them not having "modem mode".  I have about 7 days to decide whether to stay with Virgin - will anyone on this forum convince me?  I'm now testing not using modem mode (using DMZ to point to my second router) to see if I can still get everything I need to work.  If so I 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Madmuso 

The Check Service Status is often only populated with details of wide spread outages.

You should also use the automated Service Status number  0800 561 0061.  This often gives details of more localised issues down to postcode level.

Whilst not ideal it's probably a better indicator of known problems and should also show the latest estimated date/time for the fault to be repaired.

Plus it should log that you are affected by the current issue.

The problem is shown to be affecting your upstream as the stats you posted show that for are on 32QAM and one on 16 QAM. Ideally they should all be on 64QAM.

The network logs you posted were rejected by the system as they were screen shots which show your MAC address. Network logs should be posted as text - the forum systems will automatically remove the MAC addresses, however when posting it may show an error message. If that happens just press POST again and they should go through

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@Madmuso wrote:

I provisionally accepted very competetive offer from Vodafone with CityFibre - it is really quite tempting to move - despite the disruption it will cause due to them not having "modem mode".  I have about 7 days to decide whether to stay with Virgin - will anyone on this forum convince me? 

I'm going to offer my opinion and try to convince you to move away from VM, have a quick scan of the "Speed" section and you will plainly see that you are not alone in the issues you face.

I was previously a Virgin Media customer and they (VM) refused blindly to accept there was even an issue for months despite me providing extensive logs and explanations.

Finally, even if you get Virgin to admit there is an issue with upload specifically they will tell you that Upload speed is not guaranteed, only Download is and unfortunately they are correct.

So if you are out of contract, just save yourself a lot of hassle and switch away is my advice.  I'm currently a CityFibre customer and its been the best connection I've had in terms of reliability and speed, its fully symmetrical, something you will likely never have on Virgin.

You can ask Vodafone for the PPPoE credentials and from there use your own router easily enough.

The kit you have to use, the CityFibre ONT, has nothing other than modem mode.