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350 --> 500, no upload speed increase

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Hi. I've recently upgraded from M350 to M500.

On M350 I was getting around 380Mbps download and 36Mbps upload.

On M500 I'm getting 480-540Mbps download, but still 36Mbps upload.

Tried multiple reboots etc to get the upload speed increased, but no luck.

I've been on the phone to Virgin 'tech' support multiple times who are worse than useless. One even told me to call Virgin Gadget Rescue to resolve the issue.

I have the Super Hub 3. Area reference 30. Have checked SamKnows Realspeed which confirms the router is getting 36Mbps upload.

Any ideas?



Check 0800 561 0061 for a known local fault.

Connect to the Hub 3 menu at    ( don't login ) scroll down & follow :

Check router status >>> Upstream

There should be :
+ 4 to 6 Upstream channels connected
+ the Power (dBmV) should be +35 dBmV to +49 dBmV
+ the Modulation should be QAM 64 ( on all channels )


Next item to check.

Check router status >>> Configuration

In the section :

Primary Upstream Service Flow check the value Max Traffic Rate
for M500 at 516/52Mb/s we would expect to see a value about 55,000,000 ( bits per second )

The increase of upstream rates on the M500, M600 & Gig1 are a rollout that is slated for completion by the end of this year and in some locations are dependent on infrastructure upgrades to support more upstream channels.

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I have 4 upstream channels connected. 
Power is 39-40 dBmV for all 4 channels. 
Modulation is 64 QAM for all channels. 
Upstream service flow max traffic rate 38520000


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Is there anywhere I can check when the infrastructure update may be happening in my area?

Hello sunnijay


Thanks for posting in regards to your upload speeds since the speed boost. We appreciate you raising this and welcome to the community.


From checking the area it should be available, we can see you have spoken to the team who arranged for this to be checked.


Let us know how this goes.



One of your technicians came and tightened some connections and upgraded me to Super Hub 5. 
No difference. If anything, the upload speed has slightly reduced. 

Hi @sunniguy 

Thanks for coming back to us and letting us know how the tech visit went. 

How are you testing the speeds, wired/wireless and what devices?

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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I’ve tried normally using the Hub as a modem and my router being a mesh system. 

I’ve tried with the Hub as the router and using its own Wifi.

I’ve tried using an Ethernet cable directly from the Hub to a laptop. 

I’ve also checked via SamKnows real speed.