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200mbs constantly slow. Engineer opens up about current Virgin service

I'm a return customer. Had exact same service previously in same address. moved away with work for 8 months. came back and renewed contract. no changes to usage or system.

Working from home (Zoom/Team Meet) has been horrific. but speed is consistently slow. below 30mbs on a good day. 5mbs download and 0.4 upload is not unusual.

I've done the same as all of you on here. i've tried every combination of set up, cable, position, channel etc etc  but to zero effect. 

I've read up on UDP issues and am not ready yet to go down the modem/router route.  I'm kinda old fashioned in that i generally expect a service i'm paying for to work....

i've done the round robin of calls, emails, online chat with people pretending to care, pretending to be experts and pretending to have a clue what to do. 

an engineer was sent round today and he was open and honest. I explained the problem, what i'd tried to do etc and his reply was

"it isn't anything you are doing. there is a big fault in the area and it has been here since March 2020. Virgin don't care, they'll just sell you anything and say anything and do nothing.  It's pencilled in for repair in Feb 2021 but don't hold your breath."

not one person i've previously talked to has told me this. 

so i'm waiting for a phone call from John in Scotland today so i can cancel the contract, try for a full refund and not pay the remainder of the contract. 

what a complete shower of **** virgin are

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Re: 200mbs constantly slow. Engineer opens up about current Virgin service

Set up a BQM (link above), then post a link to a shared, live graph.  It'll take 24 hours before we can be certain, but I'm only expecting this to confirm what the technician said.

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