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200mbps vs 100mbos

Hi, I moved into a new build 3 years ago... started with the 200meg packages... all great... then when the price bumped up I switched to 100meg... after switching the connection quite often randomly disconnects... and had a long time now if intermittent connection... Virgin engineer has been round and looked... interestingly I upgraded back to 200meg and the connection is now rock solid.... I don’t want to pay for 200meg and don’t need 200meg... 100meg is more than fine.... buts it’s just unstable... has anyone else seen this behaviour ?

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Forum Team
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Re: 200mbps vs 100mbos

Hi M8ttysmith, thanks for getting in touch - sorry for the delay getting back to your post.


I'm also sorry to hear about the problems you experienced when downgrading to 100mb. It's not an issue I've encountered personally, however it shouldn't come to upgrading just for stability it's disappointing that ended up being the case here.


Ideally the issue would have been identified while it was still present as it's not something we can investigate retrospectively. I would suggest that if you don't feel the need for 200mb and would prefer to downgrade again & encounter any more problems - please get back to us here so we can go through diagnostics as needed I'm confident it could be sorted out.



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