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200 MB speedtest but 25 MB actual download speed

So I've got the 200MB package, with a Hub 3, which is connected to my PC via (CAT 5e) ethernet Cable.

I've always been able to download at speeds near the 200 mark, but the last few months I just won't go above 25 - 27 mpb when downloading. 

The weird thing is if i do a speedtest it will still show the 200 MB download speed...

Any suggestions on why this is happening ?



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Re: 200 MB speedtest but 25 MB actual download speed

When transferring data (such as uploading) it used Megabytes per second to measure not Megabits as such will appear like as MB/s or Mb/s (so 50Mbps is around 6.2MB/s)

So 200 Megabits per second is 25 MegaBytes per second.

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