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2.4Ghz band terrible compared to 5Ghz

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I've been having an issue with my HUB5; despite being on a gigabit plan, when a device is connected to the 2.4Ghz band I can receive a maximum of 10mbps, on ethernet I can receive a great 800mbps and on the 5Ghz I can receive 300... I'm not too fussed with the 5Ghz band despite it being less than half what I pay for, but I'm concerned about the 2.4Ghz band being slow enough to prohibit members of my family from being able to use the service.


If anyone has any solutions I'd love to hear, thank you.


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PS. The bands are using the default setting that connects the two together and automatically switches between the two.

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What are your wireless devices capable of?

You need decent wireless tech on both sides of the connection to get good speeds.

Any WiFi-6 devices?

The devices that can utilise the 5Ghz band are connected to that band and the devices that cannot use the 2.4Ghz band