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1gb Inconsistent speeds and Packet loss



So on the 28th October  I installed my Hub4 as my hub 3 had stopped working. My package had already upgraded to the 1gb from the 500mb. 

On the 500mb I had no noticeable issues, consistent speeds of around 550mb.

My first 72 hours on the 1gb service saw me raising a fault through self serve options- Network issue...

Speeds were inconsistent going from 940mb to 400mb.

I knew it wouldnt be my cable but I swapped out my cat 7, for a brand new cat 8. Overkill.... And I even bought another cat 6 - No difference.

The fault came back as cleared so i did a factory reset, speeds were still pants for the 1gb again varying from 500 to 900mb.

Virgin have been out again yesterday to do some planned maintenance and I got the message to say all is back up and running... But the speeds are still inconsistent which big variances.

So once again I delved into the Hub and noticed a lot of pre-rs errors. So i have factory reset once more, and on reset the lines seems to be achieving a consistent 650mb down and 50mb up.

<a title="Broadband Ping" href=""><img alt="My Broadband Ping - My Home" src="" /></a>


For those on the 1gb service have you had similar experiences?

Does it resolve? Have you found anyways to improve the speed via ethernet

Has anyone moved from the Hub 4 to Hub 5 and experienced an improvement?


If you find my responses help or amuse you in any way, please cheer me up and give me some Kudos - - - - Services: Hub5 350mb result 4th October 2022 DOWNLOAD Mbps

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Very Insightful Person
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Re: 1gb Inconsistent speeds and Packet loss

What does show?  You need to test with a direct cabled connection to the Hub. This should give the speed to the Hub.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: 1gb Inconsistent speeds and Packet loss

Hello TrueVerdict


Thanks for taking the time to post in regards to your broadband connection and speeds, we understand the confusion this can cause.


I've taken a look at your connection and everything appears to be within the ranges and spec's we'd expect to see. From looking at the connection via SamKnows I can see the speeds at present are 1111mb download and 50mb upload which is where it should be for your package. 


There have been some dips but it is showing it has been consistently this since the 4th/5th November (baring in mind these are speeds available at the hub) There looks to have been prolonged issues on Monday running into Tuesday but none since, has it improved at all?



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