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1Gig -Upload speeds dropped from 52Mbps to 10Mbps

Tuning in

I'm currently on the 1gig package, download speeds are always around 900mbps, however my upload speeds have dropped from 52Mbps to frequently being below 10Mbps (never going above 10Mbps)

This is running speed tests on different devices, both wireless and wired. I've also tried resetting my Hub4 several times with no improvement.


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Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 17.13.40.png

Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 17.15.41.png

Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 17.16.14.png

Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 17.16.41.png

Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 17.17.49.png

Alessandro Volta
Test hub in modem mode with a PC no router.

If the Hub 4 is in Router mode, use the link below to test the service speed to the Hub and then the performance of the device.

Once the test starts click on  Run full test  to see the upload figures.

The speed to the Hub should reflect your subscription level.

Do share the results.


Tuning in

Exact same package and upload speed issue here too. Glasgow. 

May you was meant to get 100Mb but a zero got taken away instead of added?


Also in Glasgow, G76 postcode

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Check with Area faults on 0800 561 0061 If you have a VM landline 150 this goes down to post code level. You could also try the web page status, but this is not recommended as it only covers issues that affect a very large number of customers.

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