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1Gbps super hub 4

Tuning in

Just upgraded to the 1Gbps I came from 500Mb I was getting 520Mb all the time with no issues 

But I've noticed with the upgrade and new hub my speeds are not staying at max and the uploads are showing higher than they should be with some tests like I've seen the uploads range from 50Mb upto 200Mb which 50Mb is the correct amount for the 1Gbps but anything higher seems to me there might be an issue and it's why my download speed is ranging from 600Mb to 1.2Gbps I've attached some photos of the hubs downstream and upstream if this helps 

I also used to have a small metal thing attached to my internet cable that was put on to help with interference but when I replaced my hub 3 they took it off me saying it's not needed anymore but I'm wondering if having the upgrade this has something to do with that hoping the photos show anything useful 






Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi starfox099,

Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry to hear about the broadband issues you've been having. 

I have taken a look on our system and I cannot see anything that would be affecting this. 

To be able to look into this further I will need to private message you to confirm your details.