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10% Packet Loss - Mon to Fri from 8am to 5pm

Tuning in

I have been having issues with Quality of Service via VM for many months. I have had VM services in this property since 1999. I also have Sky BB via ADSL, as a fallback service.

Using the Broadband Quality Monitor, I can now see why I am getting slow web pages, high pings and issues when gaming. The monitoring is going on, and is showing an interesting pattern.

Typically Monday to Friday from 8am, the packet loss remains pretty stable at 10%, comparing the data capture at the weekend, shows this problem goes away.

When I call VM, they say there is no problem. There is no point rebooting the router again, as the weekend data capture shows there is no issue.

Who can I reach out to ? As my contract is up for renewal in August and CityFibre have completed their installs, and I am not prepared to pay for a sub standard service any more.

An example (Similar Monday to Friday - Everyday)

Fri 9th JuneFri 9th JuneSat 10th JuneSat 10th June



Tuning in

Worth noting, I have a HUB3. I have seen other threads resolved by replacing with a HUB5.

Tuning in

This can be closed. I strongly suspect this is now a Zscaler issue that my laptop uses. This would explain the Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm drop outs. My gaming interruptions are harder to capture.