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1 gigabit Upgrade

Thought I would share my experience on recent upgrade to 1 gigabit, I had some great feedback and support from the message board that got me to a happy place 😃

After a couple of weeks, I am now happier that I know the setup and capabilities of the Virgin 1 gigabit connection , I hope my comments below help to get anyone who are experiencing issues get  to a better place, quicker than me 👌

1. Go to Thinkbroadband and setup a tracker to monitor incoming connection performance straight away, this gives you confidence the service is good and stable.

2. Do not use any other Speedtest checker other than SamKnows, my experience is that others are not accurate 

3. Be aware that you will receive 1000mb to your household and not to individual device across WiFi, if you need this 1gb connection I believe it can only be achievable hardwired from hub due the sharing characteristics of the setup, my experience is 200-250mb at devices on WiFi.

4. You can check the speed from a hardwired connection direct to one of the hub ports, although ensure it is from a 1gb enabled network card, if you use SamKnows this is not required as it reports on incoming speed at the hub and to the checking device

5. I flipped the new Hub 4 from router and modem mode while connected to my Ubiquiti home network system, the Ubiquit USG security device did slow WiFi signal down to around 100mb at devices 

6. Ensure the network cables connecting to hubs newt works are Cat 6 and above.

Hope this helps some get to the solution quicker than I did, the guys on the forum were great and gave some sound advice, in particular @MikeRobbo

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