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1 Gig Fibre Download Extremely Slow

Joining in

Good Evening,

Had been on 500mg fibre, and always had poor download speed of circa 100-200 but I was never bother enough to contact Virgin.

Recent upgraded to 1Gig Fibre but still extremely poor performance.

~230/240 Download.

Upload seems good at 52 and ping good at 34.

I'm testing speed via device connected directly via LAN.

Please and thank you for any help in advance.



Alessandro Volta

...but you was bother to upgraded to 1Gig when you was not getting the right speed before? what was you thinking was going to happen?

boot PC in safe mode with networking and test speed


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello stephen192874.

Thank you very much for joining our Community.
Can I just apologise for slow speeds after your upgrade.
We can run a few tests from here and check on your equipment.
Sadly its not showing anything wrong from here.

What device are you using to check the speeds?

Can you also please try a speed test using this link




I have lost count of the folks that have posted "months or years of poor service" & "hopeless WiFi" and in the same breath . . . 

But we just agreed to double the monthly price and commit to 18 months of Gig1 and now oh me miserum !

Hi @Client62 


Thanks for posting on our community forum!


Are you currently experiencing issues with your connection? Please do let us know and we can look further into this for you if so



Forum Team

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Do you have a Hub 4? I had slow speeds on a Hub 4 but full with a Hub 5 (nothing else changed)