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1 GIG slow speeds

Hi all,

I upgraded to virgin’s 1 gig package around a week ago and I’m not getting the right speeds and i’m unsure why. 

When doing a samknows test it’s around 1080 down, over ethernet it’s around 900 which is fine but the issue is with wifi connects

While on the 5ghz band right next to the wifi i get 400mbs (my phone supports up to 870) but then as soon as you leave the living room speeds on the 5ghz band are 60-100 and 2.4ghz band can be between 17 and 60. 

Ive followed the WifiWins, i’ve reconnected all the cables etc to no success, I did download the connect app but the Hub 4 is unsupported so I really don’t know what else to do to fix this

Any advice would be very appreciated

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