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suspicious phone call


I have had calls several times over the last few days from this number claiming to be from Virgin Broadband and stating I have a problem with my modem

They direct me to the run command on my laptop and try to persuade me to use 'helpdesk' so they can reset all the warnings I am getting on my laptop?

whenever I ask them to tell me how to do it without their remote assistance they resort to the same old story pretending they don't understand what I am asking. When I ask them for my name they claim they can give me my virgin account number but not my name. I explain that I will ring Virgin myself and get through to their tech dept that way (fat chance eh?) and they protest when I suggest this. I have hung up. 

Anyway have I been doing the right thing? Are they part of your company? 


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Re: suspicious phone call

You are right to have been suspicious about these calls.

These are scam callers who are phoning you with criminal intent. If you receive further calls you should hang up and not engage with them.

You should certainly not allow them any kind of remote access to your computers, nor should you carry out their instructions on your computers yourself, nor provide them with any personally identifiable information about yourself. The real Virgin Media would not engage with you in this way.

See below for some general advice regarding scams.

These links provide useful general guidance on a variety of scams/techniques

Metropolitan Police - Little Booklet of Phone Scams

Neighbourhood Watch - Telephone Scams

National Cyber Security Centre - Dealing with suspicious messages