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ntlworld account hacked

Joining in

My old ntlworld account has been hacked. I have changed the passwords and email addresses for most of accounts associated with this email but I can't access the email itself because the password has been changed and the forget password option doesn't work for ntlworld addresses. The person who has accessed my account is still using it to sign into accounts I can't access. Ideally I would like get access to the account back but if the only option is closing it down, that's fine too. Can anyone help with this?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi SamuelR18

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community.

I am sorry to hear your email account has been hacked. 

Firstly, can we please check if the NTL email address is linked to a current live broadband account with us?

Please pop back to us when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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Thanks so Much for getting back to me. No the email address is not linked to a broadband account.



Hi @SamuelR18 

Thanks for coming back to us. this should help but with it being a non-account email, we can delete it for you.

I'll send you a PM now.

Forum Team

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Tuning in

I have an old email address that I use infrequently but it is not dormant [MOD EDIT: REMOVED]
I received two emails the first stating the account has been accessed from an unusual location  and then a second saying a password change has been generated.. subsequently I cannot access or change the email account.

I would like to delete the account asap  before it becomes a nuisance to my contacts - but VM  customer services is designed for VM customers which I no longer am. Can anyone offer a solution to this conundrum?

I have this email as i used to be an NTL customer then a Virgin media customer but since moving house 3+ years ago  Virgin were unable to service my new location so I do not have a virgin media / mobile any more.
I created a hotmail account [MOD EDIT: REMOVED]  to replace this "suspect" ntl account and have alerted as many of my contacts as I can think of but it is still something of a worry