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letter about nymaim malware

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Received a letter that on 2 May Nymaim was detected. I understand this is a windows trojan. I have scanned all our windows machines with Defender full scan and also Malwarebytes. Nothing found. I have read a fair bit on line about many people receiving letters and very often finding nothing. I am a little cross at the vagueness of the letters Virgin send. They promote panic and give people little chance of finding the device it could relate to. Most likely a pc but we live in a world full of tech that connect to the wifi (phones, smart speakers, smart devices all over the house, etc etc). How are people supposed to know. Virgin is not helping at all here !

I would like to know if Virgin might cut the broadband after repeated letters sent despite a customer doing the scans. I have read some cases where they have sent threatening letters to this effect which I find an unacceptable thing to do.




Good Morning @HazChem, thanks for coming back to the thread.

My apologies, I mis-read the post above by my colleague and see this was aimed at the original poster.

I'll pick this up, to see if there's any more information I can find for you.

Check out the envelope in the top right hand corner, and I'll take some details from you.

Kindest regards,


Thanks for working with me @HazChem, and I'm pleased we were able to find some clarity on this one for you today.

Do feel free to come back to us if this issue re-emerges, or if any alternative faults are discovered on your Virgin Media services.

Kindest regards,


Tuning in

I keep getting similarly vague letters claiming they have detected 'tinba'. I am fairly confident I do not have 'tinba', but VM seems unwilling to investigate what leads them to believe I have. I did get an invitation to a private conversation but all this could offer was 'try another ani-virus program' and, ultimately, 'I can only advise to run regular checks'.


Joining in

Hi, I'm also getting letters about nymaim.  Most of the machines in my house are Mac.  We have up to date antivirus running on all the machines, including scanners on our phones.  In addition, I've run a network scan as well.  Nothing found!

Can someone let me know who is detecting the presence of nymaim?  Can I at least be given the MAC address of the infected device, if one exists, so I can do something about it?  Without that, the repeated letters aren't actually going to help move things forward.  Perhaps send me a direct email so I can discuss with someone?

Good evening @BD66 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Sorry for the confusion with the letter received.

Have you ran malware scans on all devices?

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Yes, have run AVG, and Malwarebytes and now f-secure on the one Windows machine.  Have run AVG, Avast and now f-Secure on MacBooks. Sophos and F-Secure on phones (Android and IoS).  But there are a lot of other devices in the house: printers, a BT mesh, ring doorbell, amazon speakers, firesticks, sky boxes, sound bars, etc.  All are set for auto updates.  Could be absolutely anything so need at least a MAC address to narrow the search.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @BD66 👋.

Thanks for getting back to us. As a Apple user myself I have found those programs to do their job sufficiently. What I have found is the the form in which the information gets to me of a virus, spam, trojan horse. Can I ask how you are receiving this information in letter form, was it an actual paper letter or email, do you have a copy of it for us to look at. This is unusual and would like more information so that I have see what we are dealing with and assist you more effectively.

I will send you a private message so that we can discuss further. Please look out for the envelope on the top right of your web browser or if you are using a mobile device it will be located under your profile icon.



Hi Sabina, 

I haven't seen a private message pop us yet but will keep an eye out for it.  I've received a hardcopy letter sometime ago and more recently an email.  Happy to send you a copy of the email message if you could share an email address.