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dodgy Calls From 0800 052 1251

Good afternoon, I've read a few posts about this phone number (0800 052 1251) some stating that its genuine and some saying its not. This phone number called me 4 times in the last 3 days i answered the first one, and you could tell it was from an auto dialler or call centre which auto / random dials a phone number, because there was a click and a delay when I answered and then some woman who didn't know my name asked for my security details and insisted that there was an update for me, even though I updated my contract a few months ago. any how I told them not interested and hung up, then blocked the number.

What's strange is I've not given Virgin Media my new mobile number yet! so i know 100% that its fake.

Can Virgin tell me what they are going to do about this? I know its possible to spoof phone numbers so all i can provide is the times of the calls and the number used.

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Re: dodgy Calls From 0800 052 1251

This story certainly has the strong whiff of a scam about it!

What marketing and contact preferences have you got set up with VM? If you have declined those from VM, at least you would know the legitimate VM calls shouldn't be coming through.

TPS is generally not of very much use but, if you are not yet signed up for it and don't want legitimate marketing calls, at least you would have covered that base too.

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Re: dodgy Calls From 0800 052 1251

“Can Virgin tell me what they are going to do about this?” I very much doubt that VM can not do anything about this. It is extremely difficult to trace spoofed numbers and by the time they had any information the people running this type of op would have moved on. What do you expect them to do?

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