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I reccived a call from virgin   saying i was been given a 30%  discount. after call  had finished i rang number from another phone   and it said welcome to tlc ( i put the phone down before anyone anser do you use call handling centres as that knew how much my bill is and when it is due  and when  next  one is due   anmy mobile  number  is this genuine  or a scam as 30% seams a lot


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello wyre, 

We do have outsourced call centres that contact customers to discuss Packages etc, 

Any changes made now need to be confirmed by customer during the call. You will get a text message or email you need to confirm before any changes are made. 

Did you agree to this during the call and have you had an email with the new deal?

Can you also please advise us of the number that called.


unfornataly i have deleted my calls list. but i can remember when i answer call there 

was cardiff  displayed under number if that helps. i did not make any changes to my

package. is the disscount only if you make changes . or do i get that

If you did not agree or make any changes to your package yourself then you package and monthly costs will remain the same. You would not get the discount if you did not agree to the package change/renewing your contract. 

I can see that on our side that you spoke with an agent about this concern. I would also recommend that if you are unsure of the authenticity of a caller, that you hang up and call the known customer service line yourself to discuss. We will always need to pass account security on the account when you call us or when we call you to be able to discuss the account. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent