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bogus call

I was called today by tel number 01940712854 and was told that the caller was Virginmedia technical. I was told that my broadband speed was wrong. After one or two professional sounding instructions, I was eventually asked to go into a site called and click on the free download. I was suspicious as the site seemed nothing to do with virginmedia, so I refused.  I was then subjected to a barage of abuse and told that someone would visit me at my house to hurt me. Not the exact words, which were quite obscene. I tried to contact Virgin.....impossible as usual .  Why do they make it difficult to report this type of issue. My concern is that they knew I was a virginmedia customer and how did they get my virginmedia landline number? Are there security issues with some staff possibly accessing records without a genuine customer reason? Anyway this site seems to be the only way to report this

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Re: bogus call

There are dozens and dozens of reports like this describing exactly what you have experienced on this Forum. A quick search would have saved you time and trouble. These are scams. They have been around for ages. There is no point in reporting them to VM. VM can do nothing to stop them. The tech doesn't exist to allow this. The calls are generated outside the UK using VOIP technology and the numbers that they appear to come from are spoofed. That means they are made up or belong to real subscribers whose numbers have been hijacked. There is no data breach involved. The numbers are dialled automatically by auto diallers. The scammers know which number blocks belong to which telcos because that information is the public domain. They just work through whole series of numbers until they get a hit.  Just don't engage. Put the phone down. 

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Re: bogus call

@Jimbo65 wrote:

I was called today by tel number 01940712854 and was told that the caller was Virginmedia technical.

You were called today but not from that number because 01940 is an unallocated code 

Scammers always spoof (falsify) the number that appears in caller display and they change the number frequently so they do not get blocked by victims blacklisting their number.

Unfortunately experience shows they will call you again but next time it will be from a completely different number. Next time they may claim to be from Microsoft or even BT claiming that BT provides VM broadband. Calls such as the one you had are known as the "tech support scam".

They started probably as long as 15 years ago but if this was the first such call you have had then here is a link to show what other similar scams you need to look out for 

These scams are run and organised as businesses mainly in India where they operate out of callcentres. To date the UK authorities have had limited, if any, success in prosecuting any of them.


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