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avalanche-urlzone malware - anyone know what it is?

Dialled in

Hi all,

I had an email from Virgin stating that they had detected one of my devices has the avalanche-urlzone malware, but it was not able to say which one. I'm assuming it's my PC, but I also have an Android phone and an iPad. I can find very little information indeed on 'avalanche-urlzone', and I can see no report in my anti-virus on the PC (Bitdefender).

I am hoping someone knows a little more on what it is, if even just to confirm which device it infects.

Thanks in advance!




Scan your PC with Malwarebytes the free version is fine.

Dialled in

Further to the above, it may not be anything to worry about. From this reddit post, it seems it only ever ran on Windows, and was shut down years ago. The

I'm still going to do a full scan and keep my eyes peeled, just in case ... 🙂 

Thanks - I'll give that a try as well as Bitdefender, although from what little I've been able to find, it could be nothing to worry about. Best be on the safe side though!

If possible it would be good to be rid of a malware that either open ports on the public IP of the Hub or send messages.