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Web Safe is incorrectly blocking our website

Joining in


Virgin media is incorrectly blocking our website.

This is the only ISP that we know of, that has blocked the website.

We did scan the website and it passes the checks

Here you can find also the results of the SSL Checker


This is what our clients see when they visit the domain using `http:://`

Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 16.27.44.png

When they try to access it using `` this is what they see


Alessandro Volta

Put it into this site

which usually corresponds when VM is blocking a site

When I have just run it, x4 providers are flagging for malware and x2 as a suspicious site

Virus Total records x4 and x1

Try contacting each of the providers flagging a problem and report a false positive if you think your site is clear of issues.

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Does Virgin Media use any of those services to determine whether it should block a website ?


Alessandro Volta

It would seem likely that they do in some way. A block of some kind by VM often corresponds with issues being flagged by providers on the SSLTrust website, as described in topics on here.

In any event, the reputation of the URL seems to be poor as far as those security providers are concerned so other services (such as anti virus/malware software etc.) may well block the domain name too.

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We already contacted CRDF (one of the security services that flagged our domain ) and they accepted our request to remove our domain from their database.


I sent an email also here , not sure if it is actually being used.

Hi orest


Sorry to hear of the issues with your website being blocked, we appreciate the confusion this has caused and you taking the time to raise this via the forums and welcome to the community.


Can you confirm when you sent the email to the team please? 



Hi Rob,

I sent an email to

and yesterday they confirmed that it was a false positive and our domain has now been marked as "clean", however i still see that we are blocked. 


Hi, are you able to access it now?

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

To be frank, this is not on Virgin Media to solve this for you.  At time of posting Virus Total still shows 3 security providers reporting your site as malicious and 1 reporting it as suspicious.

Click here to see the listings

You need to contact the security vendors to deal with the listings.

Have you also checked your site to make sure that no one has added anything to it?  If your sites not been cleared then any de-listing may be short lived, assuming it happens at all.


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No we are still blocked, even though we received an email which stated that our site has been marked as clean.