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I Have now 5 seperate warnings of virus nyaim .After fourth one I installed Virgins F-Secure safe programme but still getting warning of Virus infection.

Why should I be getting these warnings if I am paying for Virgins safe programme.

I am on a three month trial period at the moment but dont know whether to pay if I am nort secure.




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check spelling, could it be 



see Trojan.Nymaim | Malwarebytes Labs

Download Malware Removal | Free Antivirus Scan & Virus Protection Tool (

may be worth downloading Malwarebytes and do a scan

Nymaim is the cryptovirus distributed with the help of a high-risk trojan

Another good check is to download the free version of Rogue Killer and do a scan.

Free Virus Cleaner | RogueKiller Anti Malware • Adlice Software

If infected wise to change your passwords once the trojan is removed/quarantined

I have had similar warnings myself, could be a false positive, but best to do some checks of your own, f-secure is good so should have found this as the trojan dates back to 2019.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi mjsp8, 

Thanks for your post and it's great having you back here within the Community. 

We're sorry to hear you're still getting the warning even after following instructions. Just to be certain, it's best to ensure you are scanning all devices on your network and not just the usual ones. This includes and regular visitors who have connected to your network. 

Once there is no trace of the virus, the warnings should stop. 

Please keep us posted on how things go. 


Forum Team

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