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Virgin Media Keep Calling Me

Tuning in

Every three or four days, Virgin Media keep calling me and I declined it because I think it’s a scam. 

When I tried to call it back to see what they want. It keeps bringing up an automated response saying that they will reach out to me another time. How do I stop this call from coming through because it’s getting really annoying. And I am scared for my security that this is a scam or a marketing call.


Alessandro Volta

Have you chosen to opt-out of marketing from within 'My Virgin Media'?

The option box on that page isn’t checked meaning I’m Opted out but I’m still getting calls, here is the number listed below. When I call it back it gives an automated response saying that virgin media tried to reach out and they will get back in touch. I already know that they do not call customers like that. According to a lot of forums.



Looks like you are opted out of marketing calls (although VM does not always honour your choices!).

The number appears to be a VM number (but that does not always mean it is VM calling due to scammers using fake caller ID).

When you place an outbound call to VM you should use one of the recognised numbers 150 (free from a VM landline) or 0345 454 1111 (call charges may apply).

Wait for the VM forum team to reply here (usually within a few days) and check why you are still receiving marketing calls.

If you continue to receive marketing calls when you have opted out of marketing you can report to one of the regulators

ICO for Spam text message (SMS), Recorded voice (automated call), Sales call from a real person (live call)


OFCOM for Abandoned calls, Silent calls

Really appreciate this information and I’ll leave this thread open to see if an Official Forum Representative replies with more information.


Thanks you!

Ok so I’ve done some digging regarding this phone number, according to a well trusted website, 98% of people over thousands of calls have reported it as a scam fake virgin media representative. I’m going to follow their advice of blocking the contact.


Hi PhilipBower


Thank you for your post and welcome to our community.

That is one of our numbers. 

Have you recently changed your marketing preferences?

I ask as It can take up to 6 weeks for this to update.

Please pop back to us when you can. 


Vikki - Forum Team

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I have never opted in to this feature at all from the minute I made my account. 

I have blocked the number just for my own satisfaction because I do not consent to the calls. I am sorry if this is in any inconvenience.

This might be an error on your end since I never changed the setting at all.