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Victim of Fraud

Last year I was the victim of fraud.

A short term partner managed to provide Virgin Media enough of my personal details to obtain a phone and contract in my name. Later checks on my credit history show he attempted this with other providers, but only Virgin was lax enough to allow this to happen. At this point my credit rating was "excellent".

Months have gone past. He is long gone with the phone, and other items that belonged to me. Discussions with the police have uncovered that he is professional con man with a long criminal record and a history of fraud and identity theft (he's so well known he actually had his own slot of Crime Watch in March 2020, albeit under a different name than I knew him by).

When bills for this phone started to appear along with threatening letters from Virgin I contacted them and explained the situation. The advisor I spoke to was very kind and understanding and said this would be passed to the fraud team to investigate, and I shouldn't worry.  He agreed to put a hold on the account until this was settled and that they would email me any updates at my request.

A month passed. I received another letter demanding money, this time from a debt collection agency. I called Virgin. A long discussion again. Agreed for things to be on hold. Apologies for no contact from their fraud team.

A month passed. Another letter from the debt agency telling me their client (ie Virgin) has decided this is my fault and I am liable to pay.

Another phone call to virgin. Apologies from them for not contacting me. Telling me this is now a civil matter and courts may be required. I voiced my outrage and am still awaiting a call back. 

My credit rating is now "poor" due to missed payments that were on hold for a phone I didn't order.

I am a victim of crime, being persecuted by the company that facilitated this crime. I haven't slept for days. I'm so angry.

Virgin Media is a disgrace. They have caused me so much stress and are not letting me move on from a painful and difficult time. I have been advised to take them to court over this, but I just want it all to go away now and not to continually go over and over this. I'm the VICTIM here.

I am writing so there is a permanent record of this online for other people to see, and also in the hope someone can help me deal with this abhorrent company .

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Re: Victim of Fraud

Hi there,


Thank you for taking the time to post on the Community Forums.


I am terribly sorry to hear that a mobile account and handset was taken out fraudulently under your details, and for the overall experience you have had in trying to get this sorted. I appreciate it must be a stressful enough time already and we do genuinely want to help as much as we can.


I have sent you over a PM so I can take some details about the account and see what we can do. Please do find my message over at the purple envelope.


Kind regards,



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