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Van hit my car and drove off

Joining in

Hi there I want to know how to log a complaint about 1 of your vans hitting my car and driving off and what I can do to get this sorted my neighbour called me this morning seen it happen I have gone down to look there Is a big mark on back of car I have had a look at ring camera he was at the house opposite so I know address and time he was there i also have side of van parked at neighbours on ring doorbell just doesn't pick up the plate 


Forum Team
Forum Team



It’s really disappointing to hear of the experience received. This clearly isn't the level of service or experience we wish for anyone.


We'd ask you to contact our legal team via email at who will be able to advise of the process and next steps for you.



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

You should have no contact with VM about the incident, you should leave it up to your insurance company. It can jeopardise any claim if you contact the other party other than to find out who their insurance company is.

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