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Unauthorised use of account

Joining in

Hello all,
I’m not a Virgin Media customer but I am an extremely concerned brother of someone who is. 
To explain - my sister split with her partner, and since then he has been using her VM account (without her knowlege) to buy services and I believe a phone. At one point she was unable to access her account as he managed to get in and change the password. She is now in the situation where VM have started proceedings with a debt management company and she simply cannot afford to pay.

She has contacted customer services on several occasions and they haven’t been at all helpful, wholly unacceptable in my view as this is clearly theft/fraud/illegal activity.

This would appear to be a security protocol issue, so my questions are:-

  • How can I escalate this?
  • is there a specific fraud / security team we can speak to?

I will commence a counter claim against VM for failing to keep the account secure if they do not resolve this situation, however I wanted to collect some information first.

Many thanks for any information 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi stageman,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, we are sorry to hear about your Sisters situation and that she has been a victim of fraud, as this is someone she knows this would be a police matter, is the account Virgin Mobile or Media, is the person using the account still at the property using the services?



Hi Paul,

Thanks for you reply, he is not at the property and its Virgin Media.


Hey @stageman,

Have you been able to get this reported to the team at all and has this been reported to the police as my colleague suggested?




Hi Steven,

She has tried to get through to yourselves but hasn’t has much success I’m afraid. Is it possible to set up a call with her and myself to discuss? I’m in Singapore for the rest of this week but next week would work if someone is available?

I will ask her to contact the police if she hasn’t done so already.

Many thanks

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @stageman thanks for your post, although I'm sorry to hear of your concerns about your sister's account.

We can't arrange calls over the Forums, but I can certainly try to raise this to our Fraud team to investigate (and follow-up) on you and your sister's behalf.

Please expect a PM from me to arrive shortly to try and help with this, and respond directly when you can!
Many thanks